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As a food marketing agency, we're strong believers that B2B food marketing should also have an appealing look. Our expertise lies in bringing the high-end quality of B2C food to the B2B Food industry, infusing life into your audience's tastebuds by skillfully visualizing the nuances of sweetness, sourness, and a multitude of other tastes, textures, and aromas. Moreover, excelling in infusing the essence of taste into food marketing campaigns and branding, we create a holistic experience that deeply resonates with your target market.

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The experts in food branding, marketing campaigns and brand experiences

For over a decade, as a dedicated food marketing agency, we've been fueling the food industry with our imagination. Together with our creative partners, we're igniting a revolution in the way food companies communicate and achieve their business goals. By crafting authentic and impactful stories, we're inspiring action and driving success.


Delving deep to craft

your uniqueness

We dig deep into your food brand or product to discover its unique qualities. Our team of "imagineers," who are seasoned experts, carefully find what makes your solutions stand out in a crowded market. With these insights, we create stories that really connect with your audience, grabbing their attention in today's fast-paced world. And we don't stop there – we make these special stories come alive through strong food branding, engaging social media campaigns, and exciting events.


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Using authentic storytelling

to create tasty tales

As a creative partner for the Food industry, we value real stories. Whether they are brand tales, food campaigns, or customer experiences, authenticity comes first. Real stories have a more profound impact compared to overly polished narratives. Our mission is to bring forth creative content that deeply connects with your audience, creating an authentic bond that goes beyond the surface.

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spicing up

your brand


In the world of food marketing, a distinct visual food brand or campaign content is crucial for standing out in a content-saturated market. Recognizing that people are inherently visually-oriented beings, we understand that captivating attention visually is the initial step to open the doors for your story to be heard.

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Building better brands, campaigns and experiences that spark action and build lasting connections with your audience.


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Brand audit & workshops
Brand positioning
Naming, tagline, logo design
Brand personality
Brand story & content
Graphical & imagery identity
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Employer branding
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Serving Food for over 20 years


Shaping the
future of Food

Aphea.Bio - rebranding for investor outreach

We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey with Aphea Bio, starting with a strategic deep-dive. We then refreshed their visual identity, curated brand photography, and overhauled their website. A storytelling video and a compelling pitch deck were also crafted to bolster their investor outreach, effectively showcasing Aphea Bio's innovative approach to agriculture.  

Campina - creamer market differentiation

In this project, we embarked on a creative journey to differentiate the product in a highly competitive market where all products tend to look the same. Our strategy emphasized visually unique content and a captivating narrative to stand out from the crowd. 

Biotalys - reinventing food protection

Biotalys aimed to make a mark in the bio-tech industry with a focus on safer food and sustainability. We refined their scientific narrative into a clear brand identity. Through cohesive branding and targeted advertising, Biotalys combined scientific integrity with creative appeal.

Veliche - crafting a new branding

Our efforts aimed to encapsulate Veliche's commitment to empowering culinary innovators through a renewed visual identity and a compelling narrative, forging a stronger connection with their audience. The result was a brand transformation that resonated deeply with Veliche's mission and values.

Cargill - building chocolate paradise

The Chocolate Experience Centre transforms visitors into chocolate explorers through an immersive journey, offering hands-on learning and innovation opportunities. It empowers them to delve into the world of chocolate, fostering creativity and expertise.