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An inspiring experience

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate - experiential marketing


If you want people to be engaging with you then you need to be engaging to them

In the Experience Centre of the House of Chocolate, we engage the audience through all the senses, using the latest technologies, creating valuable, relatable content and unique insights. 

We interact with them, fostering new relationships, nurturing existing ones, and acquiring feedback.

House of Chocolate
Involving the audience through an immersive experience.

Inspiring the audience to seek beyond their own knowledge

In the state-of-art inspiration, innovation and education chocolate experience centre the audience finds the spark to explore, learn and evolve. They are encouraged to ‘never stop exploring’, keep gaining knowledge.
Enable customers to become thought leaders in the chocolate world.

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Expedition Chocolate turns participants into explorers

Participants are the curious minds and knowledge seekers that will embark with us on an expedition across the globe to meet all the people behind the chocolate . Learning all the ins and outs of chocolate. Tasting, feeling and smelling it in every form. And diving into the latest trends, with a peek into the future.

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Working on this project has been an exciting journey on its own

It gives such a gratifying feeling to walk now through the experience and see how all the information have been processed into an inspiring and compelling story. 

Art direction
Film production
Video content
Graphic content
Interactive screens

to House of Chocolate

All the content we have created can be used on Social media to create interest and support the call to action to connect with House of Chocolate.

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Imagination at work

At the Chocolate Experience Centre we engage customers in an interactive and multisensorial experience by turning them into explorers of an inspiring and exciting expedition into the world of chocolate. Enabling them to gain all the expertise to create, innovate and challenge the status quo.

House of Chocolate experience

“We were extremely happy that Norvell Jefferson joined the collaboration as a partner in this project. Transforming complex topics and content by creating an understandable story narrative and a strong compelling visual language is in the DNA of Norvell Jefferson.”

- Cargill